Smart Chef FAQ

Got a question on Smart Chef? Check out the Smart Chef FAQ list. Let us know if you have any question via the contact form.

What mobile devices can connect to the Smart Food Scale?
Any iOS or Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 or newer

How often should I recharge the smart food scale?
We recommend that you recharge the built-in battery of the smart food scale at least once every three months to ensure the health of the battery.

Can I try out the Smart Chef app without having a reflex smart food scale?
MostSmart Chef app functions are accessible via manual input. You can perform up to 5 free manual input per day. Unlimited access manual input is available via in-app purchase (USD$1.99).

Does the Pocket Smart Food Scale fit in the pocket?
Yes, it can be. See HERE for an example.

I have questions, how do I get technical support?
For faster support or app feature request, please drop us a note at Facebook support page for Smart Chef, email us at [email protected], or click on the chat button located at the bottom right of this website.

Does the Smart Chef Scale works with other 3rd party diet apps?
The Smart Chef Sclae and App supports food search and/or food logging with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal (indirect sync via Fitbit, Apple Health or Google Fit), Weightwatchers, SuperTracker and HowMuchPhe. More 3rd party apps will be added to the support list. To stay updated please register the Smart Chef Newsletter to stay updated. or follow us via our Facebook/Twitter handle #smartchefscale.

Physical reset the Smart Food Scale?
Inside the Smart Food Scale has a mini computer and may require a hard reset when:
– the app is unable to connect to the Smart Food Scale
– the touch button is not response

Visit HERE to learn how to reset the Smart Food Scale

Does the smart chef app work without having to integrate into another fitness app?
3rd Party diet accounts are OPTIONAL. You can use the Smart Chef app & Scale as an independent food logging solution.