Smart Chef Special Offers

Visit here for the current Smart Chef Special Offers. We are constantly running special offers through various channels.


*If you would like to order one unit 500g model and one unit 3000g model, please select the “1x 500g + 1x 3000g model” option in the drop down menu for the special offer.
**If you make multiple separate orders within the 48 hours, we will try to do our best to combine the shipment for you. 

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USB Breathalyzer

@reflex.wireless The USB breathalyzer is a handy device for monitoring alcohol levels. Simply blow into it, and it connects to your device for instant analysis, promoting responsible drinking habits. #breathalyzer ♬ original sound – reflex wireless


USB Breathalyzer

USB Breathalyzer

The USB Breathalyzer plugs into a smartphone. Users blow into the device, receiving alcohol test results. To learn more please visit

Press to download the Smart Sense Breathalyzer app.

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Super Egg Scale

Smart Lab Scale

Espresso Scale

10kg or 22lb Stainless Smart Scale

Smart Chef Precision Series

For wholesale pricing or interested in becoming a local distributor inquiry please email us at


High Capacity Series

Smart Chef Surface Scale

For people who enjoy baking/cooking using functions in the Smart Chef app, we now offer you a high capacity model with extra large stainless steel weighing surface. Below are some of the technical specifications:

Weighing capacity:    15kg or 33lb
Weighing increment:  1g
Power Source:           built-in rechargeable LiPo battery (included) or 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Shipping Weight:        600g / 1.32lb