Smart Chef Story


The Smart Chef story began in March 2013 when we first commercialized the wireless-enabled food scale (NutriScale/Nutricrystal) & a mobile app (NutriPlus) for restaurants to produce government compliant nutritional labels of their dishes.

In January 2017, we introduce the more compact and durable model: Smart Chef Food Scale with numerous improvements based on user feedback, and launched the new model on December 28th, 2017.

Smart Chef Special Offers

To make the smart food scale more economically affordable, we started working with one of the leading food scale manufacturers and introduced the Smart Chef Scale precision series in September 2019.

Smart Chef Precision Food Scale Overview

The new model retains the compact form and rechargeability as its predecessor and added the benefits of a readout display.

Mobile App

Smart Chef multifunctional mobile app

To Smart Chef app has also been redesigned and improved to functionalities of the Smart Chef Scale. In addition to performing nutrition calculations. The improved app also enables users to perform other tasks, such as, coffee brewing, postage estimation, scientific weight logging, counting objects by weight and more.

To learn more about how the Smart Chef solution works with graphical instructions, please press HERE.