The Smart Tool for Nutrition Education

User the Smart Chef Food Scale and App as the real-time and interactive tool for Nutrition Education.

Smart Chef Precision Food Scale Overview

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Unlike the traditional food weighing solution that requires users to weigh a food item and then face the complexity of entering data into a completely different system. The Smart Chef Scale greatly simplifies the process of changing a person’s diet.

Below are some of the examples of how Smart Chef is being adopted in nutritional education applications.

Portion Education

Visualizing portion/serving sizes and assessing nutritional values of respective portion can be a daunting task. Smart Chef app and scale work as a visual & interactive aid to help your customers easily associate portion sizes with their nutrition values. Nutri123 in-app is designed to make easy to calculate and visualize nutrition info of a single or a recipe. (press the icon below to learn more about how Nutri123 works in details)

nutri123 nutrition calculator

As a visual aid, the Smart Chef assists health professionals to more efficiently instill nutritional awareness to customers and make the appropriate meal adjustment.

Live Demo: Nutri123

Carbohydrate, Calorie or Protein (Phe) Counting – Nutrition Management

For people who are already users/subscribers of diet apps such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal (indirect sync via Fitbit, Apple Health or Google Fit), Weightwatchers and other diet tracking programs, Smart Chef app is integrate with these app as a mechnism of logging food take.

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Recipe Building, Testing and Organizing

Smart Chef app Recipe Sharing

Usse Smart Chef app to build/organize recipes, and share them via eamil, messaging apps or popular social networks.

Record & Monitor Cumulative Food Intake Curve

A simple tool for objective measurement of eating behavior.

Smart Chef IntakeCurve Eating Behavior Monitor

Use IntakeCurve with an iPhone and an Apple Watch to provide timely feedbacks to induce healthy eating habits.

Smart Chef IntakeCurve Nutrition Education

Preparing/Managing complex formula for Enteral/Baby Feeding

(details coming soon)