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The Smart Chef tutorial page is created to help you learn all aspects of the Smart Chef solution. Be sure to visit here frequently for the latest updates. If you have any question that is not covered here, let us know. We will update it as soon as possible.

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Full Topic List:

Smart Chef Pocket Smart Food Scale – Device Overview

Downloading the Smart Chef Smart Food Scale app

Explore various areas of the Smart Chef app

Turning on/off the Smart Food Scale

Setup Bluetooth connection between Smart Chef app and the Pocket Smart Food Scale

Turning on/off the buzzer sound of the Pocket Smart Food Scale

Getting calories, phenylalanine (phe), smartpoints or nutritional values of single/multiple food items

Tracking calories & nutritional values / points calculation to thrid party Online Diet Accounts 
Food Logging to Weightwatchers
– Food Logging to Fitbit
– Food Logging to Apple Health
– Food Logging to Nokia Health Mate
– Food Logging to HowMuchPhe (user login and food searching is enabled)
– Food Logging to USDA SuperTracker (food searching is enabled)
– Food Logging to Loseit
– Food Logging to NuMi
– Food Logging to Fatsecret

Create and manage custom recipes

Recipe Sharing via email or social network

User MyPlate Builder to find the right Portions just enough for you

Monitoring cumulative food intake behavior – IntakeCurve

Battery recharging of your Smart Food Scale

Reset the Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

Smart Chef Manual Input Function for Precise Weight Readings

In-App function: BakingRatios for Ingredients Preparation

In-App function: SmartCafe for smart coffee brewing

In-App function: Herbal tea making

In-App function: Mix a cocktail

In-App function: SmartCounter for easy counting of objects (coins, nuts & bolts)

HELP – Help – simple easy anytime help access

Below is a copy of the Smart Chef Quick Start Guide


Smart Chef Tutorial