Smart Food Scale Power Switch

Model: RX402b

Single press the Power button as shown below to switch on/off the scale.
RX402b Smart Chef power on

Model: RX402

To turn on the Smart Chef Pocket Smart Food Scale, simply give a quick touch on the LED indicator located at the front of the scale. Once turned on, the LED indicator will remain solid Green.

If the LED light turns Red and then switches itself off that means the device’s battery power is low and requires recharging. In this case please visit HERE for instructions on how to recharge the built-in battery of your Pocket Smart Food Scale.

Switching of the Smart Food Scale:
The device will switch itself off when not connected (LED Green) to a mobile app for 120 seconds. While connected (LED Blue) to a mobile device, the smart food scale will stay on indefinitely.

You can also turn off the smart food scale by resting a finger on the LED button for 3-4 seconds. However, the sensitivity of the button could be low sometimes due to the static charge of your body. So the easiest way to switch off the device is to disconnect the scale from your mobile device by shutting off the WW Smart Food Scale app.

*If you are uncertain on how to shut off an app on your mobile phone, please visit the following links:

iOS device

Android device

**As there is more variation on Android OS, please reach us at any time if you have any questions.