Each Smart Chef scale is pre-calibrated at our production factory in the room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius (75.2 Fahrenheit) and at sea-level for accuracy. The following is the instruction for people who own a set of standard mass to calibrate the scale to the different operating environments. 

For the 500g model, the scale can be calibrated using 100g, 200g and 500g mass. 

For the 3000g model, the scale can be calibrated using 100g, 200g and 300g mass.

1. Entering the Calibration mode

To enter the calibration mode, first press on the power button on the scale turn on the scale and then press on hold on the M button for 3 seconds.

Calibrate RX402b Smart Chef Scale

Upon entering the calibration mode, the 500g scale will show 500.00g on the display as follow.

RX402b calibration 500g

This means you can calibrate the scale using a 500g mass. To switch to 100g or 200g calibration mode, single press the M button to switch to other calibration modes.

Assuming that you have the 500g mass, to proceed with the 500g calibration, single press the power button and the display will show CAL as follow:RX402b Smart Chef Scale CAL

Now place the 500g mass on the scale and wait until the display shows “PASS”.

The scale will return to normal weighing mode after showing “PASS”. To further increase accuracy calibrating the scale using 100g or 200g mass, repeat the process above.

The same steps are also applicable to the 3000g scale.