Smart Chef FAQ

Got a question on Smart Chef? Check out the Smart Chef FAQ list. Let us know if you have any question via Smart Chef in-app chat or website chat service.

What mobile devices can connect to the Smart Food Scale?
Any iOS or Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 or newer

How often should I recharge the smart food scale?
We recommend that you recharge the built-in battery of the smart food scale at least once every three months to ensure the health of the battery.

Can I try out the Smart Chef app without having a reflex smart food scale?
Most Smart Chef app functions are accessible via manual input. You can perform up to 5 free manual input per day. Unlimited access manual input is available via in-app purchase (USD$1.99).

Does the Pocket Smart Food Scale fit in the pocket?
Yes, it can be. See HERE for an example.

I have questions, how do I get technical support?
For faster support or app feature request, please use the in-app or web chat service located on this website.

Or drop us a note at the Smart Chef Facebook support page or email us at

Does the Smart Chef Scale work with other 3rd party diet apps?
The Smart Chef app supports direct food logging to Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, WW, and the Smart Chef own account. For other inquiries please contact us via the website or the in-app chat service.

Physical reset the Smart Food Scale?
Inside the Smart Food Scale has a mini-computer and may require a hard reset when:
– the app is unable to connect to the Smart Food Scale
– the touch button is not response

Visit HERE to learn how to reset the Smart Food Scale

Do I always need internet access to use the app?
When using the Smart Chef scale for weighing or unit conversion only, the app does NOT require access to the internet. Internet access is only required whenever the app need to access online contents, such as food databases.

What weighing units are currently supported in the Smart Chef app?
gram, kg, oz, lb, floz, ml (water), ml(milk), gn, ct, dwt, ozt, and cups of various ingredients (such as flour and honey). If there is a unit that you would like us to add to the list of units in the app, please message us the details using the in-app chat or smart chef website chat service. 

What is the size and weight of each Smart Chef scale model?

Smart Chef Precision Food Scale Overview

Smart Chef Scale 5000g capacity overview


What materials are the Smart Chef scale made of?
The weighting surface is made of a 1mm thick food-grade stainless steel. Rest of the body is mostly PVC.

The Smart Chef app is showing connected to the RX402b scale but the app keeps showing 0g reading. What to do?
Most likely the scale is accidentally stuck in counting mode. To exit the counting mode press on the “M” button one time.

How to set up Siri Shortcuts for Smart Chef app?
Siri shortcuts are integrated into the Smart Chef app specifically for the “Talking Scale” function for the visually impaired community. Press HERE to learn how to set up Siri Shortcuts in iOS settings.

Unable to Tare and get Strange weight reading from RX402b scales?
This happens when the protective cover of the weighing platform is not removed during operation, as shown below:
Smart Chef Scale protective cover

Unable to connect to RX402b (500g or 3000g model) scale?
Please try the followings:
1 Uninstall and then reinstall the Smart Chef app
2 Reboot your phone
3 Turn off and then turn on the Smart Chef Scale

Do you have a list of compatible Android devices that the Smart Chef Scale can connect?
In theory, any Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer can connect all models of the Smart Chef Scale. However, we do have a list of tested Android devices from our own test lab. Press HERE to view the list.

The screen of RX402b model appears dim or flickers.
This occurs when the built-in battery is low in power. Please recharge the battery for 10~30 minutes.
Smart Chef Scale RX402b recharge

How to calibrate RX402b scale?
For the instruction of calibrating RX402b 500g or 3000g scale model please press HERE

Why does the Smart Chef Android app requires access to coarse location?
In short, it is a requirement set by Google: the Bluetooth library of the Android operating system requires access to coarse location of the Android device when scanning to find out which Bluetooth enabled devices are within the connectivity range.To learn more, please visit the following Android developer page: 

Such requirement does not exist in iOS. Therefore, no location requirements for Apple devices when connecting to Smart Chef Scale. 

Can I easily add my own custom food items for food logging in the Smart Chef app?
Yes, you can easily add your own food items with/without barcode in the Smart Chef app.

I would like to suggest a feature or an app idea. How to reach the software development team of Smart Chef apps?
Please email our software team at 

Do you have a public API/SDK for people who are interested in making their own apps connecting to the Smart Chef Scale?
For inquiries related to Smart Chef Scale API/SDK, please email