Smart Chef Business Solutions

User Smart Chef Business Solutions to improve various business productivities.


Use Smart Chef Scale to Count objects by their weight: such as nuts & bolts coins, brochures.

Postal Scale

Estimating parcel shipping cost  using Smart Chef Scale and Postal Scale in-app.


Use Smart Chef Scale and BarCounting to quickly perform inventory count of open liquor bottles and export to a excel sheet with a push of a button.

Smartlogs Pro

Automatically record a series of weight readings from Smart Chef Scale by a fixed interval or a threshold value, and export to a spreadsheet for further analysis. A great tool for quick scientific recordings.

Super Egg Scale

For farmers looking for a simple tool to classify eggs by their weight (Jumbo, XL, L, M, S, Peewee), Check out the in-app function: Egg Scale. This in-app includes standards for various regions, such as USA, Canada, EU, Japan and China.


This is a tool added specific for Freight Farm customers for more details please visit