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Smart Chef Story

Smart Chef Story

Smart Chef Story Device The Smart Chef story began in March 2013 when we first commercialized the wireless-enabled food scale (NutriScale/Nutricrystal) & a mobile app (NutriPlus) for restaurants to produce government compliant nutritional labels of their dishes. In January 2017,

smart chef - myplate balance meal

Have a Balanced Diet

The Smart Chef app and the pocket smart food scale helps you easily assess the nutritional value of your meal and enjoy the right amount of each food group to have a balanced diet. In addition, you can use the weighing unit of

Smart Chef - inducing positive eating behavior

Inducing positive eating behavior effectively with smart tools

Portion control is a clinically proven weight loss strategy by consuming low energy density food or controlling the portion sizes of high energy density food. The reality is Portion Control is difficult given the available tools today. There disagreements on

smartcafe coffee scale

Perfect Coffee Brewing

The RATIO between water & coffee grind and water FLOW-RATE are two of the controlling factors for perfecting the art of coffee brewing. Accessing these simple data often comes with a premium price on equipment and software in the range

Digital Kitchen Scale food logging to Fitbit

Digital Kitchen Scale that works with Fitbit

The Ultimate Digital Kitchen Scale Smart Chef is the perfect digital kitchen scale that complements to your Fitbit. The smart solution helps you keep track of your eating habits to your Fitbit account. Check out other great Smart Chef features

Smart Chef - the ultimate smart nutrition food scale

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