Rechargeable food scale is better for the environment

Smart Chef Scale is a rechargeable food scale. The internal battery can be easily recharged using the any micro USB cable. With normal use of 1 hour day, the scale can last at least 30 days between each charge cycle.


rechargeable food scale

While the device is being charged, the LED light will blink in GREEN (not connected to mobile device) or in BLUE (connected to a mobile device). Upon fully charged, the LED indicator will remain in solid GREEN or BLUE.



We recommend you to recharge the built-in battery at least once every three months to ensure the health of the rechargeable battery.

If for any reason, the scale has been inactive for more than 6 months, you may need to connect to the USB cable to a power adopter instead of a computer to ensure a speedy recharge. You may also need to perform a hard reset to your scale while recharge your food scale.

Press HERE to learn how to perform a hard reset.