Super Egg Scale

Selling eggs with correct weight classifications to maximize your profits. Having the eggs graded also means easier packing using the matching size egg cartons.

The’s wireless scale with free Egg Scale mobile app can help you instantly grade egg sizes from peewee to extra large. Also, the Egg Scale app logs all historical weight readings show you the statistical analysis (such as medium, average, maximum, and minimum weight reading of all your eggs.)

The Super Egg Scale app is freely available for both Android and Apple devices.

Super Egg Scale

Capacity: 3000g
Resolution: 0.1g

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For full video demo:

Accessing the Egg Scale in-app

1. Download the Smart Chef app from Google Play or Apple Store

2. Start the Egg Scale in-app

start egg scale app

2.1 Or you can download the Super Egg Scale app directly from Apple or Google App Store for quicker access.

Android iconSmart Chef download link at Apple iTunes Store

Egg Scale Screens

There are two operation modes: Visual and Analytical mode. To access the Visual mode, simply tilt your phone horizontally.

(P.S. Please your phone screen is NOT Locked)

egg scale operation modes

Visual Mode

This screen is designed for you to visually see the Egg Size classification and performs a quick calculation on the weigh for one dozen based on this weight reading. See below with detail annotations on the Visual mode:

smart chef egg scale visual mode

Analytical Mode

This screen is designed for you to see the list of egg weight readings in a table, per See below with detail annotations on the Analytic mode:

smart chef egg scale analytic mode

Removing readings in the table list

1. Remove one reading
Swipe quickly from right to left on the reading that you want to delete and press on the red “delete” button.

delete one reading

2. Remove multiple readings
Press on the “edit” button, then single press on the readings that you wish to delete to select them, and press the “delete” button.

3. Remove all readings
Press on the “edit” button and press on the “clear all” button.

Export egg weight data into an Excel compatible CSV file 

Below is an example in iOS. The same function also exists in the Android version of the Super Egg Scale app.

super egg scale exports to CSV

Add a Custom Weighing Standard

Have another egg weighing standard? Please follow the instruction steps to create a custom weighing standard.