The best tool for portion education

Nutri123 is a function built in the Smart Chef app to help simplify the process of nutritional calculation of a single food item or a group of food items in a recipe. 

This function is a great tool for professional dietitians who offer nutritional education or for individuals exercising portion control. 

To access Nutri123 function: (the same steps for Android and iOS users)
1. start the Smart Chef app

2. press on the menu switch located on the top right-hand corner of the screen to access the “Business Service” menu, and then find and press on Nutri123 icon (you may need to do a finger swipe up to scroll up the menu)

find and open nutri123

Perform Instantaneous Nutrition Calculation

3. Evaluate the nutritional values of a single food (Fig 4 below) or multiple food items at the same time (Fig 5 below).

nutr123 nutritional calculation

4.1 To perform food search by keyword or barcode for a single food, press on “select a food” text above the scale reading area.

nutri123 single food search

4.1 To perform nutrition calculation of multiple food items, first press on “Add Food” button (located below the scale reading) to transfer the current scale reading to the table below, and then single press on the item in the table list to perform food search by keyword or barcode.

5. In the cause of multi-food (MyPlate) operation mode, a nutritional summary of all food items is viewable in a standard nutrition facts table by pressing on the “Nutrition Facts” button (Fig 6 below).

nutri123 nutrition facts table viewing

Access to multiple Food Databases

6. Multiple food databases are available for selection on the personalization screen as shown in Fig 7. Be sure to press on the “Save” button (scroll up to find see it) after selecting a new food database.

nutri123 select food database

7. Use the built-in chat support, if you require further assistance as shown below.

nutri123 chat support

Try Nutri123 without a Smart Chef Scale

8. Thought, Nutri123 is designed to work with a Smart Chef Bluetooth Food Scale, you can still experience Nutri123 via manually input the scale reading by pressing the reading area as shown below.

nutri123 manual input

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