Calorie Tracking to Fitbit with speed and accuracy

The quick and precise for performing calorie tracking to Fitbit is here. Download the app and experience how the Smart Chef solution works.

calorie tracking to fitbit

Fitbit members can enjoy high precision food tracking to Fitbit accounts using the Smart Chef app.

REQUIREMENT: Register a free Fitbit account

STEP ONE: Fitbit account Login in the Smart Chef app

First login into into your Fitbit user account. Upon successful login, you will be able to acccess the Fitbit multilingual food database and track food items to your Fitbit account.

Smart Chef Fitbit login integration

STEP TWO: Find the Track button

After successfully login into your Fitbit user account in the Smart Chef app, you will see “Track” button in the main app area (as shown below).

Fitbit Food Logging Track button - Smart Food Scale

STEP THREE: Tracking calorie (nutrition values) to your personal Fitbit account

Assuming you alredy have food items identified in the list, press the “Track” button, select a meal time and view the food log in your Fibit account using the Fitbit mobile app or the Fitbit website.

Fitbit Precision Food Logging - Smart Chef

*Fitbit is a registered trademarks of Fitbit, Inc.

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