Rechargeable Smart Kitchen Scale

Changing batteries is a pain and no good for the environment. That’s why we made Smart Chef be the world’s first rechargeable kitchen scale.

  • Batteries cost money
  • travel to buy batteries cost money
  • and disposing batteries cost money.

Not too mention regular batteries are not environmental friendly. That’s why we made the Smart Chef Food Scale rechargeable. Simply charge it up using any standard USB cable and its good to go for as long as 3 months of continuous use. No more battery buying or throwing away harmful chemicals into the environment.

Buy the Smart Chef Scale now at for the special introductory price:

USD $14.95
Smart Chef Scale Models:

500g with 0.01g precision
3000g with 0.1g precision

Smart Chef Scale Precision Rechargeable

rechargeable smart kitchen scale

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no more battery buying – rechargeable smart kitchen scale