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We believe that all tasty food and drinks can be produced with proper instructions and measurements. Using spoons, cups and calculator are not only troublesome and add to more cleaning work afterward.That's why we created the Smart Chef – your personal Chef Instructor who will guide you to bake a delicious cake, brew an aromatic cup of coffee, or create a nutritious home cook meal.

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The Evolution

The reflex team was the first in the world to commercialize a Bluetooth enabled smart food scale in March 2013. The project was initially designed to help nutritionists and restaurant owners to create Nutrition Facts Labels (Medgadget Interview)  After several iterations, the design of the smart food scale has improved to better reflect the life style of our users: portable, touch control, stainless steel surface and built-in rechargeable battery. In addition, user feedback has also encouraged us to include more software functions to support personal health & wellness.

smart food scale evolution


The design development of Smart Chef started 3 years ago under the project name of NutriDisk & NutriSurface, and first introduced at Engadget Insert Coins Award at Javits Convention Center in November 2013.

The original concept was to create a coaster size pocket smart food scale for portability and a cutting board size version for home use. After long technical evaluation, we decided to build the portable version: NutriDisk. This way users can enjoy a portable scale and combine multiple NutriDisks to have a larger weighing surface area and range.

Our initial attempt in 2014 proved to be very challenging, as the circular shape made it difficult for us to keep the form factor thin (at 1cm). We finally settle on the square design and build our first working prototype in March 2015.

Below is one of first industrial designs after many iteration.

Next step, we began working writing program for the Pocket Smart Food Scale to embed numerous command functions to expand its use cases.

Once we got it working, we spent another 12 months making it better.

Another look of our patented design:

Voilà! Our final product design. 

The external USB display is scheduled to be released in Q1 2018 or sooner depending on market demand.


Energy Saving

The Smart Chef Pocket Smart Food Scale has a built-in Bluetooth radio enables continuous or intermittent data weight reading to the Smart Chef app. This function allows the scale to operate for more than 90 days per each battery charging cycle. In addition, the continuous data transmission means that you will be able to observe the continuous weigh reading change while adding solid/liquid ingredients when making a cup of coffee or preparing a cake mix.

Continuous Data Transmission

In addition, the continuous data transmission means that you will be able observe the continuous weigh reading change while adding solid or liquid ingredients while making a cup of coffee or preparing a cake mix.

Tough and Light

Weights only 142g or 5oz, the scale is reinforced with a solid stainless steel weighing surface to provide maximum portability and structural integrity for accurate weight reading and product longevity.


Small but Strong

The Pocket Smart Food Scale has a weighing surface area of 10×10 cm (3.9×3.9 in) and a thin profile of 1 cm (0.4 in). The small device, however, has a weighing range up to 5 kg or 11 pounds.

No more battery buying

The scale is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can operate 90-150 days per charging cycle and can be easily charged using the supplied or any standard micro USB cable.


the Smart Chef app

smart chef app icon

The Smart Chef app comes with various module that will provide you guidance on creating a perfect cup of coffee/tea, bake a cake, learn the nutritional values of your home cook meal and more. The beta app is being prepared at this moment and is available for download in iTunes Store and Google Play.

Smart Chef download link at Google Play Store Smart Chef download link at Apple iTunes Store

Learn the Nutritional values of your food

The Smart Chef app helps you to quickly and easily determine the nutrtional value of a single or multiple food item.


Extensive multi-lingual food databases

Through the Smart Chef app you will be able to access numerous international food databases. Click HERE to see the list of databases that we are adding to the app.


Everyone can afford one

We have designed the Smart Chef Pocket Smart Food Scale with a retail price that is comparable to regular kitchen scale, so that every family can have one.

Together with the Smart Chef app, you will be able to use the pocket smart food scale for making cakes, brewing coffee/tea, mixing cocktail, making quick measurement conversion, assessing nutritional values of your food, counting coins and more…….. These functions translate to enormous value for being an early adopter of Smart Chef. 

Product Certifications

The Smart Chef Pocket Smart Food Scale has received the following certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC, IC and TELEC and can be shipped to virtually any country in the world.

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