Participate in the Smart Chef – Indiegogo Referral Program and earn a 5% commission from each referred backer.

Simply log in to Indiegogo if you have not already, or create an account by signing up here. Then, visit the campaign page on Indiegogo and look to the right of the main video for the "Link" button.


Click the "Link" button. You will then see a popup with your unique link. Copy your unique share URL and use your unique URL to share the campaign on social media, email your friends and contacts, write a blog post, etc.

*This is an example. Here the URL shows a unique number ('12405055') on the end. This URL will be different for you, based on the campaign you are sharing, and your Unique ID will be different since it's your Unique ID.

Please Note: Due to Indiegogo's privacy policy, the campaigner will ONLY receive the name and email address of people who back their campaign. 

  • If you are not a backer, the campaign owner will not be able to get in touch with you should you win their referral contest.
  • You may want to consider backing their campaign before participating in a referral contest to ensure the campaigner will be able to contact you. 

How To Track Your Results

  1. Log into your Indiegogo account.
  2. Click on your user name beside the search box at the top right of the page.
  3. Select the “My Profile” option.
  4. Click on the tab that says “Referrals” for the latest totals of referrals and contributions.
  5. Count the number of funders.


  • Referrals are not immediately reflected on your Indiegogo profile, but will be displayed within 24 hours.
  • Indiegogo is not able to track referrals made outside of this method. If you tell your friends by word of mouth or send a link without your unique referral ID, that share will NOT be counted in your referrals on Indiegogo.

You can use your Indiegogo profile to track your referrals on each campaign you’ve shared. This makes it easy to participate in more than one referral contest at once!


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