Enjoy Smart Chef app using Siri Shortcuts

For busy Chefs who need to perform simple tasks, like taring the scale reading without smudging food ingredients on the screen of their iOS devices, check out the Siri Shortcuts for Smart Chef.

Touchless Operation

“Hey Siri, set the scale to zero” With “Hey Siri” enabled in the iOS device, taring scale reading requires just a simple voice command. More! We have add a list of commands for other common functions:

Siri Shortcuts List

  • is the scale connected
  • set scale to zero
  • scale battery status
  • current scale reading
  • change unit to gram
  • change unit to ounce
  • change unit to pound
  • change unit to kilogram
  • start talking scale

How to use

To use the Siri Shortcuts as voice commands with Listen to “Hey Siri” enabled, simply say “Hey Siri, [smart chef shortcut]”

Setting up Siri Shortcuts

To use Siri Shortcuts, users must download Smart Chef app version 7.3.4 or newer, and customize each command using his/her voice in the iOS settings menu.

Record your custom voice for each Siri Shortcut.