International Food Databse integrated in Smart Chef app


Smart Chef app gives you access to a collection of international food composition databases. Below is a list food composition databases and their integration status in the Smart Chef app.

Flag Country Status
australia-flag-64 Australia In Porgress
belgium-flag-64 Belgium – Dutch In Progress
belgium-flag-64 Belgium – French In Progress
brazil-flag-64 Brazil In Progress
canada-flag-64 Canada – English Updating
canada-flag-64 Canada – French In Progress
czech-republic-flag-64 Czech In Progress
denmark64 Denmark In Progress
finland-flag-64 Finland In Progress
france-flag-64 France Completed
germany-flag-64 Germany In Progress
greece-flag-64 Greece In Progress
italy-flag-64 Italy

categories uploaded
Processing food item

japan-flag-64 Japan Completed
korea-flag-64 Korea In Progress
mexico-flag-64 Mexico In Progress
nepal-flag-64 Nepal In Progress
netherlands-flag-64 Netherlands In Progress
new-zealand64 New Zealand In Progress
pakistan-flag-64 Pakistan In Progress
portugal-flag-64 Portugal In Progress
singapore-flag-64 Singapore In Progress
slovakia-flag-64 Slovakia In Progress
spain-flag-64 Spain In Progress
russia-flag-64 Russia In Progress
sweden-flag-64 Sweden In Progress
switzerland-flag-64 Switzerland – English In Progress
switzerland-flag-64 Switzerland – French In Progress
switzerland-flag-64 Switerland – German In Progress
taiwan-flag-64 Taiwan In Progress
tanzania-flag-64 Tanzania In Progress
thailand-flag-64 Thailand In Progress
turkey-flag-64 Turkey In Progress
united-states-flag-64 United States Completed
united-kingdom-flag-64 United Kingdom Completed