Speedy Food Logging to MyFitnessPal

Looking for a Smart Food Scale syncs with MyFitnessPal?  Let Smart Chef help you simplify calorie count to MyFitnessPal via Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit.

To enable data synchronization, please see below for the instruction on how tho enable data sharing:

Enable data sync using MyFitnessPal iOS app

Note: MyFintnessPal only syncs one-way to Apple Health. For more information please visit HERE

Follow the steps below to enable Apple Health app and Fitbit calorie data synchronization. 


Enable data sync using MyFitnessPal Android app

Follow the steps below to enable Fitbit and Google Fit calorie data synchronization.

More information from MyFitnessPal Help desk:

How do I Link (or Unlink) MyFitnessPal with Apple’s HealthKit?



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– myfitnesspal and ReFleX Wireless Inc. are NOT affiliated in any way.
– Any myfitnesspal related function in Smart Chef app is offered as it is without any warranty.

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